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1973 James Blunt
Bonfire Heart James Blunt
Give Me Some Love James Blunt
Heart To Heart James Blunt
High James Blunt
I'll Be Your Man James Blunt
Love Love Love James Blunt
Melody Lost Frequencies; James Blunt
No Tears James Blunt
OK Robin Schulz; James Blunt
Postcards James Blunt
Primavera In Anticipo Laura Pausini; James Blunt
Same Mistake James Blunt
So Far Gone James Blunt
Stay The Night James Blunt
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Wisemen [Album] / James Blunt
You're Beautiful / James Blunt
Abba Medley / James Last
All My Lifetime / Boney James
Always / Gavin James
At Last / Etta James
Ave Maria No Morro / James Last
Barclay J. Harvest :S-Pack 01 / Barclay James Harvest
Biscaya / James Last
Bolero / James Last
Broken Strings / James Morrison; Nelly Furtado
Carolina On My Mind / James Taylor
Cold Sweat / James Brown
Country Hits-Medley / James Last
Crimson And Clover / Tommy James & Shondells
Der einsame Hirte / James Last
Der Landarzt / James Last
Dinner Marsch / James Last
Do You Remember / Jarryd James
Echos and Shadows / Barclay James Harvest