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This Midifile has been replayed/programmed on the basis of the original song. Length, style, instrumentation and arrangemet are as close as possible to the original as well. A Midifile's sound is never 100% like the original, because the sound doesn't "come from" the midi, but from the midi-device (sound is beeing generated).
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Price: 5,99 € 



Article#: 35747.00
Title: Stimmungsmedley 2 der "3 Z'widern"
in style of: 3 Z'widern / D (Deutschland)
Our release date: 06.02.2012

Style(s): Volkstümlicher Schlager
Tag(s): 2000th
Korg Pa-Series

Text: Realtime Lyrics and lyrics as ASCII file available.
Duration: 5:28
Tempo: 62 changes [120-211 bpm]
Tracks: 15
Filesize: ~ 227 KB

Medley titles

Holladaratata - wer ko,der ko | Der Mond hält seine Wacht | Fliege mit mir in die Heimat | Che sera sera | So ein Tag | Jetzt trink ma no a Flascherl Wein | Humbtam Tätärä | Weard scho wearn sagt Fr. Kern | Glory Halleluja

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