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Help & Questions

SEPA is etablished. Changeover was on 11.04.2014

Category: General
Date: 11.04.2014
For existing direct debits nothing changes, of course. New debits then only in the SEPA format with IBAN and BIC (also for customers outside of Germany)! | Click to get more information

Tyros 5 and Korg-PA adaptions

Category: General
Date: 06.01.2014
All Premium-Midis have been extended to the Tyros5 and the Korg Pa Series formats. | Click to get more information

Tyros 5 and Korg-PA adaptions arrive on Monday 09.12.2013

Category: General
Date: 06.12.2013
The first Tyros 5 and Korg-PA adaptions arrive on Monday 09.12.2013. As well as a redeign of the online shop. | Click to get more information

Get Midifiles for Tyros5 and the whole Korg Pa-Series

Category: History
Date: 19.11.2013
In December 2013 we start to offer adapted Midifiles for the new Yamaha Tyros5. We also add the Pa-Series for Korg users to our adaption list. | Click to get more information

Discounted titles reviewed

Category: General
Date: 31.10.2013
Discounted titles are back. Just look around, maybe there is something what appeals. | Click to get more information

Two clicks for more privacy

Category: General
Date: 18.06.2013
In the future we protect your privacy by a two-step process that allows a transfer of personal data only through the explicit consent of the user. | Click to get more information

Scheduled maintenance on the PayPal website

Category: General
Date: 10.05.2013
On 17.05.2013, between 7:00 until 11:00 CET, there will be six consecutive, one-minute breakdowns due to maintenance work on the PayPal website. | Click to get more information

11:00 - Data exchange back running

Category: General
Date: 16.04.2013
Maintenance is complete and all data are now back up to date | Click to get more information

10:00 - Exchange of data is interrupted

Category: General
Date: 16.04.2013
Due to maintenance work on our local system currently no data can be exchanged (account balances, address data, etc) | Click to get more information

New consulting time

Category: General
Date: 01.03.2013
Mon - Fri 10:00 - 17:00 CET. Opening hours remain the same (Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:30 CET). | Click to get more information