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Schunkelmedley [Live]
in style of
Münchner Zwietracht

This playback has been created on the basis of the appropriate Midifile. There are used synthetic sounds only (eg using VST plug-ins). The playback finally has been mixed and mastered. All these steps were carried out manually.

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Article#: 41518.01
Title: Schunkelmedley [Live]
in style of: Münchner Zwietracht / D (Deutschland)
Our release date: 20.06.2017

Style(s): Schlager
Tag(s): Medley, Partymusic
192 KB/s

Text: This article is delivered without text/lyrics
Duration: 7:13
Tempo: 140 changes [68-235 bpm]
Backing vocals: No
Bit rate: 192 kB/s
Sample rate: 44100 Hz
Filesize: ~ 9.93 MB

Medley titles

In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus | Geh'n wir mal rüber | Jetzt trink' ma no a Flascherl Wein | Oh, wie ist das schön | Links, rechts, vor, zurück | Sportpalast-Walzer | Im Wald, da sind die Räuber | Drei Toag gemma net hoam | Der bayerische Brauch | Humba Täterä | Das kann doch einen Seemann nicht... | Can-Can

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